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Honorees: Alumni of the Year

2015 Honoree

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Vito Centofanti

2014 Honorees

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Gerald R. Beaman

Joseph S. Hanson

2013 Honorees

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Arnold C. Wegher

Mathew Krempel

2012 Honorees

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Gerry Miller

Robert L Christensen

2011 No citations were awarded.

New award guidelines were drafted

2010 Honoree

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John Edward Moser

Fellow Alums:

Marquette University NROTC graduates have served their country and communities with honor, vigor and often great valor for the past 74 years. Now we need your help in nominating worthy candidates for the 2014 Alum and Young Alum of the Year awards, to be presented at the annual MU NROTC Unit Naval Services Ball in October.

Your Marquette NROTC Alumni & Friends Association (A&FA) is seeking MU NROTC alumni whose leadership and principles have led to meaningful contributions while on military duty as Navy and Marine Corps officers, in our communities, and in service to our NROTC Unit.

Alumnus/Alumna of the Year, first given in 1990, is normally awarded for career achievements on active duty and reserve military service, civilian employment and meaningful “off duty” volunteer service over time. The Young Alumnus/ Alumna of the Year award, initiated in 2012, recognizes the accomplishments of more recent graduates early in their careers.

Please review the following “Nomination Form.” The deadline for nominations is 1 August 2014. Detailed addenda are encouraged, to document extraordinary and outstanding achievements, such as decorations, honors, commendations and awards and volunteer service.  Please send your nomination by email to:   If you do not have email available, you can mail it to us.

Please consider the accomplishments of your fellow classmates, and other MU NROTC graduates with whom you have served, or with whose careers you are familiar.  Share them with your Marquette NROTC A&FA, so that their performance of duty can honor them, and stand as an example for current and future Midshipmen Battalions.

We also encourage the (required) resubmission of prior nominees who were perhaps not chosen in the past, when competition was extremely heavy. This year just may be their turn.

Thanks in advance for your help in recognizing our finest!


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